Build your own Knight Rider replica

If you're looking to pimp your ride without the annoying hassle of impressing women, you might try making a Knight Rider replica car. Check out Knight Replicas for all the info you need on creating a clone of Kitt or his evil twin, Karr. Sadly, those truly brave individuals looking to make a copy of Kift, the car from the TV movie Knight Rider 2010, will need to wait for that guide to be released in the unspecified future. The site describes which cars have the right body to create a Knight replica and lists all of the stuff you'll need to make it authentic. There are even how-to guides on specific tasks, such as "How to Keep Bowling Ball Hub Caps on Turbo Cast Rims," because everyone knows without those Bowling Ball Hub Caps, it just ain't Kitt. I couldn't find any instructions on getting the disembodied voice of William Daniels to act as your conscience while you're driving, but maybe they're coming soon. Thanks to Falon for the tip!