Blu-ray burner: I've got your 50 GB right here

Here's something for you early adopters out there: Panasonic will be selling Blu-ray recordable drives in Japan starting this June, so you'll finally have a use for all those $20 blank discs you bought a couple weeks ago. The drives will be able to burn both single- and dual-layer BD-R (write-once) and BD-RW (rewritable) discs at the blazing speed of 2X, as well as DVDs and CDs at more passable speeds. Of course, you'd probably also like a Blu-ray player to play these new discs on, and they should be coming around the same time. The drives will cost $850 each. Get your checkbooks out now, and keep your fingers crossed that Blu-ray doesn't play the role of Betamax in its format war with HD DVD, which you can buy, um… now, actually.

Panasonic LF-MB121JD Blu-Ray drive goes on sale in June, via New Launches