$220k watch proves time does, in fact, equal money

Two legendary watchmakers have joined forces to create one of the coolest-looking — and most expensive — watches we've seen. Jean-François Ruchonnet and Vianney Halter made the Cabestan to look unlike any other watch on Earth. Its innards are vertical, with the numbers appearing on the cylinders themselves rather than on a face. As Ruchonnet says, "It is the architecture of the movement itself that is unusual, not its individual parts." You wind it by attaching a "wrench" to the knobs on the side and manually cranking it up, as shown in the picture. You won't be able to pick up one of these at the watch kiosk at your local mall; they're exclusive through the Vianney Halter Web site for the low, low price of $220,000. There are only 135 in existence, a number we can only assume correlates to the number of extremely rich watch geeks in the world.

The Cabestan, via Cool Hunting