Wrist PC — when the calculator watch isn't enough

Dick Tracy's watch radio had enough gee-whiz factor to set many a schoolboy's head spinning in 1946, but today's technologically jaded generation will need a far more spectacular wrist gadget to generate anything beyond than a sleepy yawn. Eurotech's Wrist Worn PC (WWPC) may have the desired effect. This highly configurable wrist computer from Finland will run either Windows or Linux and can talk to other devices and networks wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There's also a USB port for a traditional wired connection. You operate the superwatch via the touchscreen, the touchpad on top, or the microphone (for the full Tracy effect). Rather than equipping the WWPC with a power-hungry hard disk, Eurotech went with an SD card slot to supplement the 96 MB of built-in memory. The power savings allow the WWPC will run at full power for six whole hours thanks to its dual lithium-polymer batteries — even longer in one of the power-saving modes, the company claims. The WWPC will hit stores this June for around $2,000 euros (just under $2,500).