The dawn of 'Made for Xbox'?

Pictures of a new Pioneer surround sound speaker system have us thinking that a deluge of Xbox 360 accessories might be on the way. The HTP-XGS1 is a 600-watt 5.1-channel system that automatically calibrates its sound to match room acoustics — and likely comes with a remote that controls some of the multimedia features of the Xbox, according to Oh Gizmo. But compatibility isn't as big a deal as the aesthetic match, with the system's design integrating the 360's rounded corners and off-white color scheme. Pioneer's Web site doesn't mention the system, and there's no word on a price or a U.S. release date. Just as electronics manufacturers rushed to capitalize on the iPod's popularity with white speaker sets, headphones, boomboxes, car kits, and every other accessory under the sun, so, too, could this pairing of the Xbox with a Pioneer system portend more "Made for Xbox" products. Just don't hold your breath for a white-and-green Sony plasma TV.