Tech Briefs: AOL loves TV, Disney's discs, more

Real Web-(based) TV has arrived. AOL launched In2TV on Wednesday, one of the biggest free-video services on the Internet, serving up vintage shows from corporate sibling Warner Bros., including Welcome Back, Kotter and Growing Pains. Those shows and other downloadable clips will be backed by online advertisements. … Disney may release movies in both the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats, the two high-definition discs competing to be the next video format of choice. That's the word from CEO Robert Iger, who had talked up Blu-ray at a recent shareholder's meeting but then went on to say the company would "probably publish in both formats." … The truth is not out there… yet, but rumors still linger of a merger between PC makers Dell and Alienware. Reports of an assimilation started earlier this month, when rival VoodooPC chief Rahul Sood speculated that Dell might look to gain a foothold in the "boutique" PC market — and a bit of street cred — by buying Alienware (Dell is known primarily for somewhat generic computers compared to Alienware's more cutting-edge machines). Both companies have refused comment.