Stick to your schedule with a Timeflex watch

Whether it's soaking in the hot tub, riding down a half-pipe on your snowboard, or sinking your arms elbow-deep into suds while washing the car, there are plenty of situations when wearing a regular watch just isn't too practical. When you're faced with a high-timepiece-risk situation, it sure would be nice to slap on a Timeflex watch from Yenko Design, which sticks to your skin or clothing like a Band-Aid. Using super-small embedded batteries and a flexible touchscreen to control the various functions, the Timeflex is totally disposable — just toss it out when you want to switch back to your Omega. Although the clingy watch is still in the concept stage, its designers expect it to come to market soon. No word yet on price, battery life, or how high you can crank up the hot-tub temperature before meltdown.