Speakerphone cube is an MP3 player, too

Looking like a prop from Charlie's Angels: The Next Generation, this desktop speakerphone can do a lot more than just relay calls from your boss's secret hideout. Besides being a 2.4-GHz cordless phone, the cube-shaped multigadget contains an FM tuner and memory for storing and playing MP3s. The Sharper Image doesn't say how much memory is onboard for tunes, but considering the $80 price tag, we're guessing somewhere south of 256 MB. But there's a slot for an SD card, too, so you can crank up the memory if you do a lot of desktop listening, and the music (or radio) will automatically pause for an incoming call. The speed dial has room for up to 50 pals. In addition to showing song titles and ID'ing callers, the red LCD provides some intimidating illumination when the lights are out.

Cordless Cube Speakerphone with MP3 Player and FM Radio, via Chip Chick