Price drops for PSP, new upgrades planned

If you've been thinking about buying a PlayStation Portable (PSP), Sony Computer President Ken Kutaragi has some enticing news for you. Starting March 22nd, the PSP will have two prices: the $249 Value Pack currently available and a $199 basic package. The Value Pack includes a 32-MB Memory Stick, carrying case, remote control, and headphones — all absent from the basic package. That's a lot to give up to save 50 bucks, but it doesn't hurt to have the option. If you wait until this fall to buy, your PSP will be even sweeter. Sony's planning an upgrade in September or October that includes a camera and GPS, and a software update available a few months after that will let PSP owners boot games from a Memory Stick and add VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Being able to run games from a Memory Stick will allow software companies to offer downloadable games, which may help drop game costs from the typical price of $50. And VoIP will let PSP owners use the portable as a handset or even for video conferencing.