Part mouse. Part pen. All precision.

Looking to keep your mouse arrow on target, the Wow-Pen is a hybrid of pen and mouse. You scroll and click just like always, except you hold it like a pen so motion feels more natural. Obviously, any onscreen handwriting you have to do will be much cleaner if you have one of these, and precision jobs — using Photoshop tools, for example — should hit their marks a little more often. As a bonus, it should prevent (or at least delay) an outbreak of carpal tunnel. The Traveler model (shown) is wireless, letting you get over 100 feet away from your PC and still stay in control — handy for presentations. The poorly translated English on the company's site doesn't instill a lot of confidence, but if you've been looking for that extra something to keep your mouse scrolling accurate, the Wow-Pen Traveler might be worth the $50. —