LaundryPure gives clothes a bubble bath

Of course, April 15th is tax day, and we'll understand if you'll be more concerned right then about convincing the IRS your trip to the Caymans was a business expense than the release of the LaundryPure. But maybe next time you run out of clean Calvins, you'll give the device a closer look. Mounting to the top of your washing machine, LaundryPure ($747) uses ultraviolet lamps to infuse millions of tiny ozone bubbles into wash water, supposedly eliminating the need for fabric softener, hot water, and possibly detergent (the wastewater created when using LaundryPure is said to be 100% non-polluting, which probably means the process is detergent-free). I wouldn't start calling it the best thing since Perc just yet (that's my first and probably last dry-cleaning reference, so enjoy), but LaundryPure has the potential to give the whole laundry process a thorough cleanup.

Airing Laundry Clean - With The LaundryPure, via Oh Gizmo!