Hard drives are child's play with LaCie Bricks

Most PC gear has about as much visual appeal an air conditioner with a simulated wood finish, but LaCie's looking to brighten up your desk with its playful new Brick hard-drive designs. Styled by the world-famous designer Ora-Ïto, the Brick is made to appeal to the child in all of us with its Lego-like shape, coming in bright red, white, or blue casings. Available in sizes ranging from 40 to 120 GB, the Brick gets its power directly from your computer's USB or FireWire port, eliminating the need for a clunky power adapter. Your can pre-order your Bricks from LaCie's Web site, and they should start making their way to customers by April. With prices ranging from $100 to $330, they do run a little more than a regular ho-hum drive, but I guess that's the cost of having a with-it desktop.