Forecaster gives perfect view of the weather

Using data from a barometer and outdoor temperature and humidity sensors, the Color Weather Forecaster with U.S. Atomic Alarm Clock ($160) gauges the day's weather and "translates" it to you with idyllic sounds and pictures, displayed on a 3.8-inch color LCD. Think palms, cabanas beneath sunny skies, chirping birds, an ocean cove with partial cloud covering, or tulips peppered by a rain shower. With its sights and sounds, the Forecaster will guide you to the perfect outdoor garb faster than any AM station and might give you some good vacation ideas in the process. The wireless outdoor sensors can transmit data up to 50 meters. By tuning into the atomic clock in Colorado, the built-in clock is guaranteed to be accurate to the millisecond.

Weather or not…?, via The Red Ferret Journal