Fingerprint lock: hands-on protection

We all have valuables worth protecting — whether diamond ring, antique Armoire or Rocket Firing Boba Fett L-Slot Prototype — and the Fingerprint Keypad Door Lock ($199) is a modern way to keep thieves at bay. A keyless biometric door lock, the gadget is easily installed and shouldn't require any door modifications. Once in place, the lock can store up to 138 users and their fingerprints (for those with a massive number of friends). For anyone who's ever been locked out of a house, it'll be a relief knowing the Fingerprint Door Lock should also rid your life of duplicitous locksmiths and their fees (50 bucks for driving to your house, 50 bucks for trying to pick your lock and failing, 50 bucks for jimmying the lock…). The Keypad Lock is available in silver and gold.

Fingerprint Door Locks For Your Home, via I4U News