Destroy All Cables! Bluetooth headphones for iPod

Are you like me? Do you find headphone cables the No. 1 reason you don't use your iPod all the time? I think we could both use a pair of Bluetooth headphones, which do away with those pesky wires by streaming the music wirelessly from your iPod to your headgear. TEN Technology's navaiPlay Stereo headphones are just such a pair. Sold with the naviPlay Bluetooth adapter — which plugs into your iPod's dock connector — the $200 headset has buttons on the earcup for volume and skipping tracks. And if you have a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, you can take calls without ever touching your mobile thanks to a built-in microphone. Battery life is rated at 8 hours. With an over-the-head frame, the design's a little retro, but the headset folds up for easy pocketing when you need to, you know, hear things.

naviPlay Bluetooth Stereo Headset for calls and mobile/iPod tunes, via Engadget