AeroGarden: more thyme in less time

For members of the Woodstock generation, the expression "home grown" may conjure up images of plants with five-fingered leaves, but most people these days are more concerned with growing their own herbs and vegetables indoors. Now there's a way to do get your green on without messing around with potting soil or window boxes. Using a technique called Aeroponics, the AeroGarden ($150) suspends the seeds and sprouting roots in an environment that's rich in moisture and oxygen — but with no soil! Plants are said to grow much faster in the countertop garden than they would in a traditional soil-filled pot. The AeroGarden's built-in microprocessor control system regulates the lighting and will remind you when you need to add nutrients and water on a cycle customized to the type of plants being grown. AeroGrow's Web site talks about how you can grow salad greens, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, and herbs, but I'm sure you could find a setting that will work with those Super Skunky seeds your cousin smuggled in from Amsterdam.

AreoGarden, via Popgadget