Winter beware: women's underwear gets hotter

Two Japanese companies are trying to redefine hot pants. Triumph International has planned five garments, ranging from camisoles to tank tops, composed of rayon and — we couldn't make this up — three types of mineral powders collected from volcanoes under the Sea of Japan. The special minerals emit infrared rays to help increase blood circulation and keep your sensitive areas warm during the cruelest months. At the same time, Wacoal Corp.'s high-tech undie line, Kaitek Navi (pictured above), takes a different approach. When the temperature drops below 77°F, Kaiteki Navi underwear turns solid, providing warmth. When the temperature exceeds 77°F the underwear turns to liquid and absorbs heat. This wonderous technology comes at a price, though, because on the sexy scale these things are a step down from granny pants.

High-tech right down to the underwear!, via Akihabara News