Wi-Fi hotspots on the move

New York Times resident techie David Pogue reviews a trio of mobile routers today from Kyocera, Junxion (shown), and Top Global. Even better, he explains just what these portable hotspot makers do — and who and why anyone would want one. The gist: Imagine you're part of a traveling circus, and you're the only one with a high-speed PC card and data service from Sprint or Verizon for your laptop — which lets you log on to the Net through your wireless provider's next-gen ("3G") network. Everyone else on board just has paltry Wi-Fi, so they make you pull the elephant trailer over at Starbucks to get online. One of these "Wi-Fi to go" boxes, however, would allow you to share your connection (albeit at speeds ranging from dial-up-esque to just near-DSL quality), making the pit stops unnecessary — and maybe earning you some payback from your fellow freaks. Pogue also points out that the latest generation of Apple laptops lack PC card slots, making this development great for them as it provides a way for Apple machines to tap into 3G networks. I hope someone at Greyhound is checking this out….