Who killed Al? Your T-shirt has the answer

It looks like a T-shirt and feels like a T-shirt — and after you wear if for a week, it'll probably smell like a dirty T-shirt. But there's more to these funky tees than meets the skin: edoc apparel, whose "nothing to hide" clothing line hits stores March 1st, has a story buried in its cloth. Connie Sung, edoc apparel's press agent, says, "Embedded in every edoc piece are hidden clues communicated via code words, symbols, invisible inks, and hidden languages." Once you find and decode the secret phrase hidden on your tee, surf your Web browser over edoclaundry.com, select "nothing to hide," and wait for the prompt. Enter your code phrase, and the site will unlock a Flash clip about the murder of a fictional band manager named Al. For a free taste, click on over and type "facade" at the prompt. Each T-shirt contains a piece of the mystery. Think of it as CSI: Laundry Room.