Where are you going? Google gets the picture

In-car navigation systems do a great job of mapping your route, but if you had an onscreen 3-D picture of your destination's skyline instead of a line drawing, picking out the right building would be a lot easier. Volkswagen and graphics-chip maker Nvidia are teaming to develop a navigation system that would help you get around with 3-D photo representations available from Google Earth. First you type in your destination using a touch-sensitive display screen, then a red arrow shows you the best route through satellite-generated images of streets with all the buildings rendered in 3-D. New skyscrapers going up in your area? The system updates itself via the Internet. No word as to when this picture-navigation utopia will come to pass, but retailers, hotels, and even entire municipalities should start thinking now about sprucing up their buildings lest drivers divert to destinations with better architecture.

VW preps Google Earth-based in-car sat nav rig,via The Register