Sony all-in-one system is a looker

Just as the company is taking a beating for its digital rights management issues, its obstinacy with regards to the Blu-ray format, and the delay of its much-anticipated PlayStation 3 console, Sony recalls a time when it ruled the living room with the announcement of an slick system with an integrated LCD flat TV, DVD player, and speakers. The TAV-L1 is as innovative an all-in-one package as I've seen; the audio panel, which houses slim stereo speakers and the disc player, slides down to reveal the 32-inch high-def screen. When you just want to listen to tunes, it slides back up to keep the screen out of sight. The speakers are rated at 50 watts each, and the system includes a 100-watt subwoofer built into the base. Expect to see the TAV-L1 on sale in late spring with a price tag of about $4,400.