Shuffle's days numbered?

A report from AppleInsider quotes analyst Ben Reitzes who says Apple is "getting set to 'end of life' the [iPod] shuffle." Uh… I think I know what you mean, Ben. And the shuffle's successor? Rumor is it'll be a 1-GB version of the iPod nano, which now comes only in 2- and 4-GB flavors. It's a logical move — both the shuffle and the nano use flash memory, and the memory gap between them is narrow, so why have two models? Plus the shuffle's been widely criticized for not having a screen (though sacrificing that perk kept the price down, and I must say I never missed it whenever I took my shuffle to the gym). The coup de grâce, however, must be the nano's unbeatable form factor, which is even slimmer than the shuffle's (although the shuffle is still smaller overall). Looks like a bunch of iPod accessories are about to become obsolete again.

No More Shuffle? Tears Are Falling, via Gizmodo