See beyond with MaxSight contact lenses

Regular contact lenses correct your vision; MaxSight lenses augment it. The high-tech contacts, made by Bausch & Lomb in conjunction with Nike, have special optics to sharpen certain kinds of objects, making them a natural for athletes. MaxSight comes in two types: amber and green. Both colors shield your iris and pupils from harmful ultraviolet rays just like regular sunglasses, but the amber lenses also filter out a significant chunk of blue light, which is the part of the spectrum that has the most visual "noise." After slipping in a pair of amber lenses, fast-moving objects like soccer balls and opposing players should appear to pop off the background. The green ones filter out some noise, too, but they also enhance green and red light to reduce glare and sharpen details, so they're more appropriate for sports like golf or anything played in bright sunlight. One side effect: amber lenses will earn you the nickname "Redeye," while the green ones will invite questions about when you plan on turning back into Bill Bixby. It's a small price to pay for victory.

Sharper Image, Better Performance, via Wired News