New OLED prototype is a roll-up TV

Universal Display Corp. has shown off a full-color OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen that's extremely thin and, more importantly, flexible. The prototype's screen measures just 4 inches diagonal, but it's a miniscule 0.004 inches thick. Resolution is said to be pretty good, too — about 100 dpi, so even a screen as small as the prototype could render most of the detail in a TV image. So far, OLED displays have appeared in some car head units and a few portable gadgets, but none of them have taken advantage of the technology's promise to make screens bendable like the UDC screen pictured here (Monitor Roll-ups, anyone?). Okay, now combine a flexi OLED display with a fold-out keyboard, and you can put all the functionality of a PC into a gadget the size of a PDA. Somebody please build this!

Flexible OLED display prototype demonstrated, via Engadget