Bring on the laser tag, bring on the pain

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you know that Doogie Howser loves his laser tag. And why wouldn't he — laser tag is awesome! Still, wouldn't it be better if your shots didn't just tag people out, but caused them physical pain? With Laser Shock guns, your opponents will really know it when they're hit. For just $34.99, you and a buddy can both suit up with a gun and a breastplate. When you get shot, your breastplate zaps you with a mild jolt (if you're wondering how much it hurts, this Quicktime movie clip of Laser Shock in action can provide a clue). The gear is set up so each player can take six shots per game, although masochists are at an advantage: your shots do double damage if you're willing to turn up the intensity of your agonizer. Beyond just being great Jackass-inspired fun, Laser Shock could be a viable alternative to morning coffee.