Zanier makes hot gloves for cold slopes

As any skier knows, on the coldest days even the rush of doing a double-daffy can't overcome the pain of numb fingertips. Austrian company Zanier is hoping to put your digits at ease with their Heat-GX gloves. The Gore-Tex gloves, powered by a rechargeable 4-ounce battery, have three heat settings: 86°, 98.6°, and 131°. We hope that's Fahrenheit. Be warned, if you run into a nor'easter and need to crank the heat up to 131, your battery will only last 2 hours. At $250, the GX's are strictly for serious circulation sufferers, so the rest of us will have to do with grandma's knit mittens to keep us cozy on the mountain.

Zanier Heat-GX...The Self Heating Gloves
, via gadgetmadness