Welcome to SCI FI Tech!

So you dumped $400 on an iPod and six months later it's obsolete. You don't know if your next TV should be plasma, LCD, or DLP. And you're terrified that all the news about upcoming high-definition DVDs means you'll have to buy the Star Wars Trilogy yet again.

Wasn't technology supposed to simplify your life? Shouldn't fancy gadgets help you do more and worry less? Don't go back to LPs just because you don't understand DualDiscs — SCI FI Tech is here to get all your digital ducks in a row. Delivering daily news about the world of technology and real-world reviews of the latest gadgets and gear, the site will cut through the geek-speak and boil down what you need to know about the shiny things that make your life easier. And don't worry — you won't wake up tomorrow wearing pants pulled up to your armpits, coke-bottle glasses, and a pocket protector.

Enjoy the site!