Candle powered Bluetooth speaker is great for romantic evenings

Nothing beats a candlelight dinner and some sweet music for setting the mood on a romantic evening, but what if you could bring those two elements together with some high-tech candle-powered audio? That's the thinking behind the Pelty Bluetooth speaker, which includes its own thermo-electric generator to deliver the power behind your tunes.

The Pelty gets its name from the Peltier effect, where heat can be used to generate an electric current directly. Unlike most other alternative energy-powered audio gear, the Pelty doesn't charge a battery that stores energy for the speaker, it's driven directly from the Peltier generator. This means that the music will continue to play as long as you keep feeding it candles as they burn out.

The Pelty is handmade in Italy using high quality glass and ceramic parts. That goes some way towards explaining the $360 retail price tag that's guaranteed to burn a hole in your wallet. Pelty is being launched as an Indiegogo funded campaign with deliveries slated to start late this year. Currently, you can get in as an early bird for $199, which is still a whole lot of money as Bletooth speakers go. The basic Pelty will be available in black and white and in various designer colors for an additional charge.

If you plan to make a special playlist just for your Pelty, by all means include songs like Light My Fire and Fire and Rain, but if you're a Talking Heads fan I would probably leave off Burning Down The House and Love Goes To Building On Fire. Otherwise you may need to add Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire and U2's The Unforgettable Fire to the playlist.

Pelty Bluetooth speaker (Indiegogo), via CNet

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