DVICE Shutdown F.A.Q.

Why is DVICE going away?
The laudable coverage that DVICE does – on the world of future technology, science and design – is a natural fit to be incorporated into our sister blog, Blastr. To that end, we decided to consolidate the sites to bring you a one-stop destination for all things future leaning, be it technological innovations or the world of science fiction itself. In an age of ever increasing digital competition, this decision allows us to focus our energy on a single destination that can produce the very best content and attract as wide and diverse a readership as possible.

What is Blastr?
Blastr (blastr.com) is another site within the Syfy digital portfolio. It’s devoted to all things sci-fi pop culture – the latest news, interviews and features about the genre and its connection to our larger world.

What about dvice.com? Is it going away?
Although we will no longer be updating the site starting July 1, past articles and content will remain available through the end of 2014.

How is DVICE coverage going to be folded into Blastr?
Many of the kinds of stories you see on DVICE, we’ll start covering on Blastr (you’ll even noticed we changed the header on Blastr to say “powered by DVICE”). We’ll be earmarking our coverage of anything related to the worlds of future technology, science and design with the tag “DVICE.”

What about the DVICE app? I have that.
Starting July 1, the DVICE app will cease operations. However, we have an app for Blastr and encourage you to download it so you can stay on top of DVICE like coverage. For Blackberry 10 users, the Blastr app will replace the DVICE app.