Teeny tiny PC fits on the head of an Ethernet port

Credit: Indiegogo

If you like tiny things and being online thanks to them, then there's a new mini PC that you really should take a gander at. It's called the AsiaRF, and as PCs go it's pretty adorable. Supporting both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, this teeny little sucker measures just 1.06 x 1.38 inches and somehow still manages to run full Linux.

As well as its RJ45 Ethernet port, the AsiaRF sports both USB and mini USB ports, the latter of which supplies the unit with power. The mini PC is based on a Ralink RT5350 chip with 32MB of RAM and 8MB of flash. Adorable. Even more adorable though is this little PC's $15 price tag. For that price, you could pick up dozens of these little suckers.

The AsiaRF was devised as a cheap all-in-one tool for turning your boring old low-tech home into a super smart think-for-itselfer. Of course, to do that you'll have to be handy with Linux, but with each of these mini PCs costing you less than a 3D movie maybe its time to brush up.

The AsiaRF's creators are currently raising $6,000 to take their teeny little creation from prototype to reality over on Indiegogo. Though the Early Bird units are already sold out, you'll still only have to shell out $20 per mini PC.

Indiegogo, via Geeky-Gadgets

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