Hungary builds world's tallest LEGO tower

It took the cooperation of dozens of students and some highly skilled workers, but the residents of Budapest have a new feather in their collective caps. On May 21, teams began stacking layer after layer of tiny LEGO bricks. Days later, when the folks from Guinness showed up, there stood a massive tower of plastic. All told, over 500,000 LEGO bricks were used in the process.

After their deliberation, the Guinness folks came to their conclusion: standing at 114 feet (34.76 meters to be precise), Hungary's newest tower was indeed the tallest LEGO structure ever created. The previous record height, held by a group of students from Delaware, was 112 feet and nine inches. Topped with a Rubic's Cube ornament, the new tower just barely edges the old one out by a foot and three inches.

Hailing the tower as a "modern obelisk," Hungarian officials stated that their creation would stand as a testament to the knowledge and diligence of the Hungarian people. They also hoped that it would create something of a bump in tourism for Budapest. We can't quite see how that will happen exactly, since the tower has already been disassembled. Still, for now, Hungary has some serious bragging rights in the world of LEGO. But, since the previous record only held up for a year, we might not have to wait very long before we see another of these massive LEGO towers scraping the sky.

RTE News, via Core77

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