Bendy watch should be coming soon thanks to fully organic OLEDs

Flexible displays that use organic LEDs (OLED) are one of those technologies that scientists have been promising us for years, but never seem to turn into real products. Sure, there have been a couple of smartphones with slightly curved screens like the LG G Flex, but that's hardly something you can wrap around your wrist. Thankfully, the wait may soon be over, thanks to a new type of flexible OLED display being shown by Plastic Logic at this week's SID Display Week show in San Diego.

The display uses organic transistors in addition to the OLEDs used to manufacture the actual screen, and Plastic Logic says that this gives the drive circuitry needed to run the screen just as much flexibility as the display itself. Now all they need is a way to make flexible batteries.

The four-inch 360 x 128 pixel monochrome display area has an aspect ratio of 3:1, which Plastic Logic says is ideal for wraparound wearables. That may not sound like particularly high resolution, but it is enough to split the screen in separate display areas, and it can even support 30 frame-per-second video.

In addition to the flexible smart watch we've all been waiting for, this technology could also be the key to finally delivering those roll-up tablets that they keep teasing us with.

Plastic Logic's research director Mike Banach says that they are ready to begin production of the displays, and are actively seeking OEM manufacturers that can build products around them.

I'm still trying to figure out what that "Facebook news" showing on the watch face is all about. What company starting with "V" did Facebook just buy?

SID Display Week, via Gizmodo

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