Personal isolation pod lets you escape from the world

Are there times when you simply want to escape from the world into your own personal space? That's the idea behind the Cozy Room, a tiny cubicle equipped with the essentials of life, where you can spend some quality time alone.

Looking a bit like a leftover prop from the USS Enterprise, the Cozy Room has a single chair which slides into a cubicle, at which point you become master of your own domain. No yelling kids, barking dogs, or nagging spouses telling you to mow the lawn: just you, a computer/TV set, and whatever other personal items you can squeeze into the tiny box. There are several drawers and shelves where you can stash your treasures, including a supply of Virgin Bourbon whisky (picture 5) and your priceless collection of Gundam figurines (picture 6). A built-in desk lets you get some actual real work done, although the screen and computer don't come with the Cozy Room and are things you would have to add yourself.

Unfortunately, the Cozy Room doesn't have any plumbing, so you will need to confront reality whenever nature calls. It also doesn't have air conditioning, so it may start getting pretty rank in there after a while.

As you might expect, the Cozy Room is being made for the Japanese market, and is available for preorder now. At around $8,000, it could end up being a lot cheaper than marriage counseling or sending the kids to Grandma's for those moments when you need a little me time.

In addition to home use, I think a few of these would be a great feature for airports. They could be set up so you rent them on an hourly basis, with them spitting you out on the chair when time's up, no matter what you happen to be up to.

Cozy Room, via CNet


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