GTA V on PS4 shows the graphical leap between next-gen and last-gen

I don't blame you if you didn't make the jump to a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. As powerful as both next-gen consoles are, it'll be years before developers tap into their full power. That's to be expected. Launch games for new consoles never look as good as games that come a few years into their lifecycle.

But if you need proof that next-gen consoles are worth the money, look no further than Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4. Eurogamer's Digital Foundry created a video that compares Grand Theft Auto V on a PS3 and PS4, and the difference is incredible.

As you can see in Digital Foundry's video above, Rockstar gave the entire open-world game a complete and thorough revamp. Character models are higher resolution, and the sky, oh look at those beautiful sunsets.

More realistic water and prettier dirt is impressive, but the video also shows off the PS4's ability to render more polygons on screen. At the 2:45 mark, you can see the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V with way more cars on the road and greater depth of field. The result is a digital world that's more believable, immersive, lifelike.

Eurogamer really gets into the fine details between the two versions, but here's the takeaway:

"Kicking off, perhaps the most obvious improvement concerns the sheer wealth of life added to the game. Traffic count is hugely increased and there are a wealth of NPCs compared to last-gen, transforming the city environments. More natural elements receive a significant overhaul as well: water looks more realistic, trees are almost entirely redrawn giving them a much fuller appearance while huge fields of grass have been added where once there were none. What's impressive about this is that all of this foliage now appears to react more realistically to objects and characters passing through. On top of that, Rockstar has also sought to increase the realism by introducing new wildlife, with the trailer giving the impression of richly populated environments outside of the cityscape - a new 'rural' class of NPC, if you like."

Of course, Rockstar is one of those rare developers that puts a lot of attention into details gamers may or may not even notice. While Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 really showcases the power of the console's PC-based architecture, the same can't be said for other games getting the PS4 port treatment. Games such as The Last of Us: Remastered only look a hair sharper on PS4 than on PS3, which is a bummer:

Ultimately, it'll be up to the talent of a games developer to make their games look absolutely amazeballs on the PS4 and Xbox One. In five years, we fully expect every game to look as sharp as GTA V. It's just the natural evolution of gaming. But then again, graphics isn't everything, right?

Via Eurogamer

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