Cue's Lab-in-a-Box is the ultimate in home healthcare

Credit: Cue

Technology's love affair with health shows no signs of abating, as this home laboratory from Cue demonstrates. The lab-in-a-box is, however, one step up from the fitness bracelets and health apps that are, while not quite ubiquitous, definitely popular. And it will (say its makers) be able to tell women when to try for a baby, as well as diagosing common illnesses such as the flu, and tracking your vitamin and testosterone levels over time. Like your Fitbit or Jawbone's Up (and even like that Vessyl smart cup we saw last week) Cue comes with a smartphone app that can track your body's health.

The firm behind the $199 Cue device (the non-reusable test cartridges will cost extra) is banking on people wanting a speedier diagnosis for common health questions. Cue can turn a Vitamin D test around in less than 10 minutes, for example. Having a home tester would also mean fewer trips to the doctor which saves you money, if you live in a country that doesn't offer free healthcare to all of its citizens. Ayub Khattak, one of the brains behind the device, says that there are over 140 million visits to an M.D. for cold and flu symptoms each year. "In more than 31 million of these visits, the patient has the flu. We want to enable people to get this health detection in minutes and, if flu is detected, communicate their result to their doctor, who can order a prescription to the local pharmacy."

Cutting out the middle man, and the cost that it entails, can only be a good thing, right? Well, any of you hypochondriacs will have to wait for the Cue to get FDA approval, and that could be a ways off. There is a way to get around this, which is to apply for the FDA's testing program, a clinical study on such devices that are not yet available in stores. And just how popular will the device be? Cue is hoping that health insurance firms, including Medicaid, will offer subsidies for the device and its cartridges.

Via The Verge

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