Yves Behar-designed 'smart cup' does more than read your tea leaves

Credit: Vessyl

In the great gadget filing cabinet of this world, there are only two places you could file the Vessyl. Either in the "When I didn't know this existed I didn't care, but now I do I really really want it" section, or the one headed "Why would anyone think I want this?" It's a cup that can analyze what you are ingesting when you drink whatever it is you're drinking and it's got an app that allows you to input your fluid intake using a mobile device.

Let's look at its exernal attributes first. The Vessyl is gorgeous. It's designed by Yves Behar, one of the best product designers around today. Like a cashmere sweater, it's hand-wash only. No instruction manual is needed — the display is activated merely by tilting the cup. The wireless charge pad, or coaster, makes me wistful for sunsets and sea views on impossibly expensive holidays. The lid is a clever non-spill design. There are several color schemes to choose from — the inside and lids differ from the outside, which is available in just three monochromatic shades that answer to the name of Shadow, Snow and Steam. Let's just say that this thing is, rather like me*, war-wagingly beautiful.

"Within this field of consumer health we've seen these really interesting activity trackers," says Justin Lee, CEO of Mark One, the company behind the Vessyl. "But what we consume — our food, our beverages — is just as important, if not more important, than burning calories through exercise."

And boy can this cup analyze. Whatever you pour inside it, its molecular sensor will tell you what you're about to pour down your throat. Lee claims that this sensor is so advanced that it can pass the Pepsi challenge (differentiate between Coke and Pepsi). You can also program it to display how much caffeine you are consuming, and it can measure fats, proteins, calories and sugar intake.

The Vessyl will retail at $199 but it's on special offer for $99 if you buy it now from here. Vessyl will ship (geddit?) some time in early 2015. And I'm filing it under "I want one now." If you want to suffer from a severe case of lifestyle envy, I suggest you watch the video below now.

Vessyl, via Fast Company

*We Brits do irony so well

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