Smart bike has laser lane projectors, rear view camera and GPS

Over the last 15 years, cars have seen massive changes in how technology is used to help the driver. Unfortunately the same can't be said for bicycles, most of which are about as high tech as a traffic cone. Samsung hopes to change this, and is showing the way forward with its Smart Bike concept.

As one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has of course based a lot of the Smart Bike's tech around a smartphone, using it to display information about routes, speed and aerobic activity. It even connects to a small rear view camera under the seat so you can see those giant trucks as they pull up behind you on the road. The phone is held on a magnetic mount near the handlebars, where it connects to an Arduino processor embedded in the frame under the seat.

Not every road has a marked bike lane, so when you're stuck out in traffic at night, the Smart Bike uses four built-in lasers to project your own personal bike lane around the bike. I'm sure Dr. Evil would appreciate having frikkin' lasers on his bike, but I don't really see him as being the bike commuting type.

For the design of the bike itself, Samsung's Maestros Academy was created to pair up old world Italian artisans with young design talent. In the case of the Smart Bike, famed Italian bike frame builder Giovanni Pelizzoli created a special frame for comfortable city riding, with curved frame tube to absorb road shock. Samsung brought him together with young designer and cycling enthusiast Alice Biotti to form the intergenerational team.

Check out the video below to see more about the Samsung Smart Bike.

Samsung Maestros Academy, via DesignBoom

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