Image of the Day: Zero-g world cup

Soccer, I'm told, is a strange game, popular in every country except the United States, that involves trying to get a volleyball into an oversized hockey net on a football field while only using your feet. Oh rest of the world, you're so weird and funny. In order to keep the word "international" in the title of the International Space Station, the astronauts have apparently had to pretend what this game is and how to play it, and to be fair, it does look like something that would be a huge amount of fun in microgravity. Creative moves like bicycle kicks seem to be difficult not to do, since depending on what direction you arbitrarily decide to call "down," every kick counts as a bicycle kick.

The only real questions that we have is how all of the (presumably) very expensive and fragile equipment hanging around inside the ISS might react to getting a soccer ball kicked at it at eight kilometers per second. Luckily for the station, it's also traveling at eight kilometers per second in the same direction. Otherwise, a well-placed soccer ball could potentially obliterate the entire place.

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