Aquatic 'hoverboard' takes surfing to crazy new heights

Just in time for summer is the arrival of a new toy called the Hoverboard. It's the creation of French jetski champion Franky Zapata (Remember the Flyboard?) That was his, but this is an altogether more sophisticated beast — a cross between a wakeboard and a hovercraft. And if that description doesn't make you desperate to get one, then let's assume you're the kind of person whose idea of a holiday activity is a quiet week of fly-fishing in Alaska.

The Hoverboard is attached via a long length of tubing to the water exhaust of a jetski. It has its own single nozzlw (the Flyboard had two) which shoots the water out of the back of the board, enabling you to travel at up to 23 miles per hour. Unlike, say, a surfboard or skateboard, the rider's feet are attached to the board (like a snowboard), meaning you can pull crazy shapes until your jetskiing chum gets bored and goes in for tea.

Flyboard owners can buy the kit to modify their existing board for just $2,675, while anyone who wants a Hoverboard from scratch will need to pony up $5,850 when it becomes available this month. You can see how this awesome and insanely fun looking invention works in the video below. It made my stepdaughter go googly-eyed when she watched it just now.

Zapata Racing, via The Verge

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