Titan Zeus: The $1.6 million 370-inch 4K TV we all wish we had

Credit: Titan

In the realm of TVs, bigger is always better. Always. Maybe you've seen some 84-, 110- or even 150-inch TVs, but I promise you that none of those can compare to the Titan Zeus, a massive 370-inch 4K TV with a $1.6 million price tag. How's that for overcompensating?

The Titan Zeus TV is a titan indeed. It measures 26 by 16 feet and weighs nearly a ton. Its display is capable of showing 65 billion colors in stunning 4K resolution. (Although, if you ask us, at this size, Titan should have splurged and went full 8K resolution, even if there's no content to watch. We're still overcompensating, remember?) The Zeus was also designed to be used for indoors and outdoors, which should mean its screen is good at fending off glare from the sun.

And just in case you're not getting the picture on the sheer size of this TV, here's the 370-incher compared to an elephant's size for scale:

How exactly do you transport a 370-inch TV into your home? In style of course. A regular boxy truck won't do for a TV this posh. Titan's behemoth gets delivered to you in a custom-built Hummer. And, the company is even generous enough to include installation in that $1.6 mil. What a deal!

Of the four Zeus TVs that will be hand-built, one has already been claimed by an anonymous customer. Another will be on display at the Cannes this summer on top of the Le Grand Hotel. That leaves two more up for grabs. My bet is that by the time you finish this, they'll have already been sold to some ridiculously rich guy with nothing better do spend his money on.

Via Titan

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