NASA's new warp-speed spaceship concept is very familiar

NASA scientist Harold White has long believed that warp speeds are possible. And now he's unveiled a concept renders by artist Mark Rademaker of what a warp speed spaceship would look like. Do you know, it's very similar to something 1960s TV threw up? (You know, goes by the name of Enterprise, head dude answers to the name of Kirk, hangs out with a hysterical Scotsman and another dude with large-ish ears.)

It's quite a beast, isn't it? The two Saturn-esque rings around the spacecraft proper are the things that will get the ship encased in the bubble that it needs to get to warp speed. Hang on, before we get too technical, you might want to read DVICE editor Evan Ackerman's explanation on how warp speed works. In a nutshell, you create a bubble around your spaceship and then force the space in the bubble to move faster than the speed of light (as nothing travels faster than the speed of light). Then you push your spaceship along by shrinking the space in front of your craft and extending it behind. Simples

There's a bunch of other drawings by Rademaker in the gallery below, and if you want to hear Professor White explaining how his spaceship would work, then you can watch him here, just before the 42-minute mark. He describes the I.X.S. Enterprise as being "sombrero-like" — a nice touch. The thick rings would generate enough energy to create your warp bubble, with the ship proper being contained within the rings, meaning it would be contained within the bubble to hit that speedo-busting velocity that you need.

Flickr, via iO9

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