Glorious technicolor digital pen writes in every shade under the sun

Credit: Scribble

Imagine a pen that would allow you to draw in every color under the sun. No, this is not the start of a children's book, but a digital color-picker pen that can give you an exact match of the hue you want in either ink, or digitally, onto the screen of a tablet. Scribble works using a color sensor which identifies the intensity of yellow, say, that you want when you hold the pen up to a banana. Its built-in microprocessor then mixes the inks to the correct shade for you to draw in.

There will be two versions of the tool — one is a pen, which resembles a CMYK version of one of these, with a chamber containing the printer ink cartridges, which are mixed together to produce the shade you want. The second one is a stylus which works via Bluetooth, connecting to your cellphone or tablet via an app and displaying the color you chose on the screen. It's a cool toy — and my money's on the stylus being the more popular version. Why? Three words for you: printer; ink; cartridges. Both pens will come with 1GB of storage, enough to store up to 100,000 colors. 

The traditional pen version, with its chamber containing miniature ink cartridges, will set you back $150, while its digital counterpart, the stylus, which works in conjunction with an iPad or tablet, will cost $90. And according to the website, Scribble's two creators, Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman are hoping that there is enough interest in the product to generate a Kickstarter campaign for it.

Scribble, via Huffington Post

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