Amazon to start offering local services this year

Is there any market that Amazon will not stoop to conquer? Next on the list for the online store is, apparently, local services, meaning that anyone who might need to find a handyman, a masseuse, a kids' party organizer or, say, a babysitter, need look no further. The concept is expected to be tested out in one locality before becoming available in other cities.

The move will not be good news for existing service websites such as Yelp, or home improvement chains, who offer links to local contractors in their stores. And websites such as Taskrabbit, which hook up people who want menial tasks done with those offering their services should probably be looking over their shoulder, wondering if their sector will be next up on Amazon's "to devour" list.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder and CEO will probably launch the service in one city before rolling it out in other locations — there is, of course, a precedent for this. Amazon Fresh, the company's fresh food delivery service, was tested in Seattle for some years before being rolled out in two other west coast cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

So how are users expected to know the work offered is good quality? Amazon is expected to use its A-to-Z Guarantee to vouch for the work. This could give those one- to five-star reviews that we all know and love a new lease of life.

Amazon, as usual, refused to comment.

Via Reuters


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