Cooking concept replaces your kitchen with an automated tree

If sci-fi is any guide, someday we'll all have robot maids toiling away in aprons and paper hats as they prepare our every culinary delight. Never again will we have to wash our own dishes, chop up our own veggies, or set a cooking timer. But we may not have to wait until the world resembles The Jetsons to free ourselves from toiling in the kitchen, thanks to a new concept called the Tree of Life.

Replacing the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and even the cook, the Tree of Life is the brainchild of Bulgarian designer Zahari Ganchev. From his desk at Bulgaria's National Academy of Art, Ganchev can see a world that wants all the fun of cooking with none of the work. That's why he's designed the Tree of Life to be controlled from your tablet. Seated on the couch, you can design meals right down to how you want the potatoes cut and what spices you want to add to your broth.

Based on the shapes of a Beobab tree and a Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, the biomorphic Tree of Life stores your food in its trunk and cooks meals on its mushroom caps. Individual ingredients are drawn from their refrigerated, organic polymer pouches when you order up a dish. Lasers (lasers!) cut and clean the food before the appliance deposits them on ceramic-coated stainless steel plates and cooks them for you. Your nutritional intake is monitored every meal, and replacing your plate tells the cooking lasers (more lasers!) to clean it for you.

The Tree of Life is still a concept, entered into the 2014 Electrolux design competition. Replacing our entire kitchen with a single appliance that cooks for us sounds like a winner to us, though, because we're starting to get a little tired of Bachelor Chow.

Via Electrolux

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