Video of the Day: Live streaming Earth

NASA thought it would be kinda cool to put a bunch of HD video cameras up on the ISS and stream live video of the Earth down to anyone who wants it. Really, they're doing it because they want to see how some different kinds of cameras stand up to radiation in space, but you have to figure that there's definitely that aforementioned "kinda cool" factor, because it's very kinda cool. There is an array of four different commercial high definition cameras pointed in different directions, showing some spectacular views of the Earth, and they're all streaming right now, live.

Note that the streaming feed (embedded below) may not pop up immediately — if you see a gray image, it's because the stream is hopping between cameras or the station is (temporarily) out of range. If you see a black image, the stream is working, but the ISS is in the Earth's shadow, so it's dark. You can click here to see where on Earth the station is, so worst case, you'll be waiting maybe 30 minutes or so to see something cool.

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NASA, via UStream

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