Video of the Day: World's smallest comic

"Juanita Knits the Planet" is an eight panel comic printed on a human hair. It's the smallest comic in the world, which I suppose is something to be proud of, unless you want anyone to be able to read your comic. Because you can't do that without some very specialized and very expensive equipment. Namely, a scanning electron microscope, if you want to read the text of this thing. Since you probably don't have a scanning electron microscope handy (and if you do, I want to be your friend), here's the complete panel that's been etched onto the hair:

To etch the hair, artists used Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Focused Ion Beam, which is sort of like one of these:

Except in beam form, and probably a little bit smaller, although destroying its power supply might lead to a similar result.

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Via Gizmodo

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