Microsoft smartwatch patent hints at a watch that can do it all

Credit: Microsoft

A little while back, Will.I.Am went on BBC 4 and showed off what looked to be a smartwatch to end all smartwatches. The bracelet-looking device, the pop star stated, could make phone calls, play music, and even do something-or-other that relates to going to the gym. At the time, it sounded like some sort of perfect uber-watch. As it turns out, however, Microsoft has had something similar in the works for a little while.

A recently released patent application from October of 2012 shows off a smartwatch that, if anything, could be even more universally useful than Will.I.Am's. The Microsoft smartwatch patent is designed to be a fully-functional fitness tracker, a music player, and touchscreen phone and messaging device. The smartwatch's face is removable from the band as well, and once free, can be popped into a dock for charging.


If this patent concept comes to fruition, a new Microsoft Smartwatch could become a serious player in the world of wearable tech. That's a bigger "if" than we'd like it to be, however, as Microsoft has patented this sort of tech before, without much in the way of tangible consumer results. Even if Microsoft does plan on releasing this design (or something based on the patent, at least), they're running the risk of being left behind: not only pop stars, but also legitimate tech companies aplenty are already pursuing the next generation of wearables. As for us, we don't really care who brings out the uber-watch, we'd just like to get our wrists on it.

U.S. Patent Office, via CNN

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