CleverPet is a gaming console for your dog

Credit: CleverPet

Electronics aren't just for humans anymore. Gadgets for pets is a rapidly growing market, and as that market grows, we’re seeing devices that do everything from keeping our pets entertained to giving them companions when we’re away from home. It was inevitable that sooner or later, someone would try and tap into the pet gaming space, and CleverPet is now there with what's basically an Xbox for your dog.

The idea behind CleverPet is to give your dog something to do that will not only entertain it, but also improve its learning skills and teach it some tricks. It’s a game console that interacts with your dog and teaches it new skills through a reward system: the dog gets a treat when it gets something right. As the dog learns, it levels up, and each challenge becomes more difficult. The dog stays engaged, making it (and therefore you) happier.

CleverPet works with an app that allows you to set up the dog’s interactions with the device, customizing its gameplay. The console uses behavioral science algorithms that rewards your pooch when it successfully learns something. There are three pads that respond to your dog’s touch, and the algorithms adapt to your dog’s learning speed and you can keep up with how well it’s doing via an app. There’s even a microphone that lets you listen to your dog’s barks and a speaker that lets you tell your dog, “good boy,” when it successfully completes a challenge. Challenges include things like responding to verbal commands, understanding which pads are lit in which colors, and even a variety of Dance Dance Revolution where the dog has to press the colored pads in the correct order.

Most importantly, the creators of CleverPet designed the system with dog behavior and preferences in mind. Because dogs don’t like touching plastic, the console uses silicon for the buttons. Gameplay works around dogs’ natural behavior. You can set the system to automatic and leave it alone, letting the console entertain your dog while you’re away at work or on vacation. You can also even set it as an automatic feeder so your pet doesn’t ever miss a meal.

So if you’re wanting to turn your dog into a gamer with CleverPet, you can still get in on the limited $159 donation level. That scores you a CleverPet at more than $100 off the expected retail price.

Via Kickstarter

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