Video of the Day: A380 Residence

Personally, when I fly, I prefer my own tricked out A380. But, I recognize that not all of you have access to one of the DVICE private jets, and that you probably have to suffer through first class or (gasp) maybe even business class. I'd say I feel your pain, but I have no idea what that's like; I just assume it's bad. Anyway, there's now a new class of travel that's somewhere in between the first class that peons inhabit and the private jets that us normal people have parked in their driveways. It's called The Residence, from Etihad Airways, and it's a three room suite that's all yours for the seven hour flight from London to Abu Dhabi to the United Arab Emirates.

Seven hours is not nearly enough time to take advantage of everything that The Residence has to offer. You get a living room and dining room, a bedroom, and a gigantic private bathroom with a shower. But that's not really what makes the flying experience better: you also get a luxury chauffeur to take you from one of your homes to the airport, where you'll be checked in through a private first class lounge that includes five-star dining options. Once on board (and my guess is that you'll probably get some sort of priority boarding), you get your own butler (!) and a personal chef to stuff you full of yet more food.

Starting in March of next year, round trip flights in The Residence start at about $43,000.

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Via Etihad

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