Arduino keeps self-balancing motorized unicycle from toppling over

Credit: Hack-A-Day

Since at least 2012, Nick Thatcher has been obsessed with one thing: a wheel. Nick's personal vision of the future is one where people zip about on single-wheeled vehicles, and he's just invented his second of these odd conveyances: the Jackal.

Though it sits on a single wheel, don't start calling the Jackal a unicycle just yet. That rusting, pedal-powered clown bike you keep in the garage would be hard-pressed to keep up with the Jackal's 450 Watt 1020z motor, which can power the Jackal to a brisk 20 miles per hour. The Jackal also wins over classic one-wheelers in the balance department, thanks to an Arduino Mega REV3 that keeps the vehicle balanced front-to-back.

Lateral balance is the rider's job, however, a thing which not even Thatcher himself seems to have quite perfected yet. Still, with a battery life of up to two hours and enough torque to climb most hills, the Jackal is definitely up for a romp in the park or a trip to the grocery store. As for the day when the masses rely on only a single wheel for transport, time will tell.

Thatch, via Hackaday

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